Hello gorgeous, canI make you dinner?

Beautiful family meals, delivered. All the glory, none of the effort

It’s time for you to relax. Chef-prepared food delivered straight to your fridge plus you get to feel like an amazing Mum for not feeding them chips every night.

Dinner Is Served was created to give women like you a break on their self-catered holiday.

Travelling with my young family, I often came home more exhausted than before I left.

So, I set out to create a meal delivery service that would deliver the sort of incredible food that I wanted to eat on my holiday.


Dinner is served chef’s secrets

We’re talking recipes – not the super yacht stories, OK maybe a few of those.

Dinner Is Served is about changing the way women get to experience great food on their holiday.

It's also about pouring more love, laughter and kindness into the world. We aim to do that by nourishing you amazing women who do so much, by helping you create incredible family memories around a dinner table, without having to wreck yourself to do it.

But while we know how challenging it is trying to be the best Mum / Daughter / Employee / Boss / Friend and everything else you want to be, we understand how privileged we are to be here and to be able to choose to holiday in this amazing part of the world.

Which is why, when you choose Dinner Is Served to bring ease, joy and deliciousness to your holiday, we want to show our appreciation for you by pouring more kindness into the world, together.

For every main meal you buy, we buy a meal for a child in Ethiopia
For every side dish you add, we provide veggie seeds to prevent hunger
For every holiday pack you buy, we plant a tree in the rainforest to support the environment

Dinner Is Served is more than just mouth-watering heat-and-serve meals delivered to your fridge. Although that’s pretty damn great

We’re about giving you that quiet, peaceful feeling of fulfilment when you want something done well, but you don’t want to do it.

You deserve to be nurtured and if anyone wants to ‘fill your cup (insert eyeroll) it’s us. We’ll even bring the wine.

In fact, we’ll deliver your breakfast essentials, beautiful meals, fruit boxes and more. All before you’ve arrived.

Outsourcing meals can be super scary if eating great food is one of your happy places.

Add wanting everyone to be happy on holiday and we understand why you need to know that you’re in the best hands.

Which is why I want you to call. Or email or text. I don’t mind but do get in touch and let’s talk about what sort of food you like, what you’re looking for and how our meals can make this your best self-catered stay yet.

Deciding to outsource anything is a leap of faith

Will the day care carers be kind to my child?

Will the house cleaner remember to wipe down the fridge?

Will the gardener pick up the damn grass clippings?

Thank you for making our holiday so much more special by providing such memorable meals and removing all the stress that comes with cooking and shopping on holiday!

Samina R

Claudia Lawrence has created Byron Bay’s favourite meal delivery service by combining her love of great food and family time with a steely determination to give women a true break on their family holiday. Now in its third year, Dinner Is Served continues to lead the meal delivery revolution with restaurant-quality meals, side dishes and even wine delivered to your holiday accommodation.

You’re not supposed to have favourites but if you only have time to have one meal delivered, make it Chef Jim’s incredible Beef Bourguigon with Garlic Mashed Potato and Seasonal Vegetables. Mon Deiu! No wonder French women are amazing.