School Holidays

Oh my God. They’re back already. Yep, it’s school holiday time and today is day 1. So far already I have; had three trips to the beach made 417 sandwiches and 2376 snacks picked up wet boardies fifteen times settled 824 arguments about whose turn with the Nintendo it is nearly murdered my husband when […]

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For your convenience

Dinner Is Served was always meant to be the ultimate in convenience. Beautiful food delivered to your fridge. What could be easier? Having done this for a while now in Byron Bay we realised that sometimes what is really convenient is flexibility. So we love delivering a fridge full of food to holiday makers, we love being a […]

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New Digs

The day has finally arrived. We have moved into our very own commercial premises. It’s a real ‘pinch me’ moment for us and one that comes with a great deal of relief to finally have some space to grow and to move things out from our home. I don’t think anyone’s more relieved than our […]

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