For your convenience

Dinner Is Served was always meant to be the ultimate in convenience. Beautiful food delivered to your fridge. What could be easier? Having done this for a while now in Byron Bay we realised that sometimes what is really convenient is flexibility.

So we love delivering a fridge full of food to holiday makers, we love being a favourite delivery service for locals but there’s been many a time that guests have missed our delivery window, or our local customers have forgotten to place an order. Which is why we’ve partnered with our friends at The Station Grocer around the region.

The Station Grocer have made a name for themselves in offering locals and visitors alike a range of convenient snacks, fresh flowers, grocery items, fuel and now they’ve added Dinner Is Served to their range of fresh and frozen meals. We love this, it gives everyone the opportunity to pick up an easy, delicious dinner at their convenience. While they won’t be able to offer our full range of meals, breakfast packs, drinks etc. we hope that there’s always something for everyone.