Guess what? I just holidayed with my family and I actually enjoyed myself. I walked, I read, I swam and I even played with my children. I connected with my husband, I cleared my conscience by touching base with friends I hadn’t in a million years and I went to a day spa… twice! This is a remarkable change from our usual family vacations which have always felt frighteningly like hard work given I still need to plan, shop, cook and clean for my party of five. This time however, Dinner Is Served most certainly saved the day. We checked in, our food was there ready to go, I opened, I heated and then I took all the credit for every delicious mouthful. Now, that’s how you holiday! Vivienne - Oct '19

The Beef Bourguignon is delicious. Really, really delicious. Like, life-changing, seminal moment delicious. Make no mistake.. order the Beef Bourguignon.

We found Dinner Is Served to be so easy to coordinate with and very approachable and flexible in terms of their customer service. The food was delivered promptly and besides being delicious, is good value. As a couple with a newborn, it was such a convenience to have a beautiful home cooked meal delivered to our door. Juhi Sept '19

It’s fresh, it’s delicious, it’s local and even my fussy five year old loves it. There’s no waste, there’s no supermarket bill shock, there’s just great food and great deals.

We recently used the services of Dinner Is Served while on holiday in Byron Bay for a family reunion centred around my nephew’s wedding. They catered for four of our evening meals - cannot recommend them highly enough. We were a big crowd (18 - 24 people) to feed so having the catering done was such a bonus. Such helpful and friendly service and I had nothing but compliments about the food. Robyn - Sept '19