Wondering about serving sizes and how much will be enough?

Portion Sizes

It’s always hard, I think to judge how much food is going to be enough. Recommended serving sizes always seem to be a bit measly to me and I have a Mum’s in built fear that there won’t be enough food and someone will be hungry. Which is why it seems to be the question that seems to be asked the most. So let me do what I can to help you understand how our meals are packaged and how the serving sizes work. Don’t worry, no one has EVER said they went hungry!

We’ve designed our meals to be easily cooked or re-heated in self-catered accommodation that might not have all of the cooking equipment of your home kitchen.

Oven meals such as lasagne, chicken & vegetable pie, apple crumble etc. come in three sizes;

  • Small – Serves 2-3 (think two very generous adult portions and two small children)
  • Medium – Serves 4
  • Large – Serves 6-8 (side dishes such as the Dauphinoise potato etc. this would do a party of ten as a side)

Stove top meals come in stand up pouches.

  • Small: 750ml which is a generous 2 adult size and would be enough for a couple of young children too
  • Medium – 1L which serves 4
  • Large – 2L which serves 6 – 8

All of our pouches come with a zip lock seal so you can keep food fresh for another meal

All oven and stove dishes come with sides such as rice, mashed potato, salads or seasonal veggies so they’re a complete meal in one, we really want this to be as easy as possible for you to choose your meal, decide on how many you’re feeding and let us do the rest with the side dishes and extras.

Microwave meals are one size and they serve two people.

If you have any questions please call 0404 360 166, email us at hello@dinnerisserved.com.au