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The truth is, whether you love or loathe cooking; there’s something wonderful about someone cooking for you. Especially when that meal is carefully made with the best, fresh, local ingredients.

Our heat-and-serve meals are designed to be easily heated at your-self-catered accommodation so you can join in the fun and come back to a meal that will make you feel like an amazing Mum without spending the day in the kitchen.

Dinner Is Served is about changing the way women get to experience great food on their holiday.

Holidays are supposed to be fun for everyone. Don’t spend it at the supermarket.

chefs favourites Easy, delicious and convenient

We make opening the fridge your happy place.

Hands up who’s eaten cereal for dinner because cooking was just too much after a long day? Yes, me too.

You already know that great food takes time and we want to give you that time doing what you love and still get to eat a beautiful meal, with none of the effort.

Effortless entertaining

Whether you're hosting Christmas, celebrating the end of the year or simply organising a summer get-together.

We've taken the hassle out of hosting with our gourmet heat-and-serve party options. More information

I can’t express enough how grateful we are to Claudia and her team for creating such amazing food! Thank you for making our holiday so much more special and removing all the stress that comes with cooking and shopping on holiday!

Samina - Jan 2020

Dinner Is Served is about changing the way women get to experience great food on their holiday.

It's also about pouring more love, laughter and kindness into the world.

We aim to do that by nourishing you amazing women who do so much, by helping you create incredible family memories around a dinner table, without having to wreck yourself to do it.

But while we know how challenging it is trying to be the best Mum / Daughter / Employee / Boss / Friend and everything else you want to be, we understand how privileged we are to be here and to be able to choose to holiday in this amazing part of the world.

Which is why, when you choose Dinner Is Served to bring ease, joy and deliciousness to your holiday, we want to show our appreciation for you by pouring more kindness into the world, together.

For every main meal you buy, we buy a meal for a child in Ethiopia
For every side dish you add, we provide veggie seeds to prevent hunger
For every holiday pack you buy, we plant a tree in the rainforest to support the environment
chefs favourites Living in Byron? Let us take care of dinner.

Here are our some of our local's favourites

Women today are doing so much more, and we have much less time. Which is why we need an outsourced team. Whether you love or loathe cooking, our meals are incredibly delicious, made with fresh, local produce and simple to heat and serve.It's also about pouring more love, laughter and kindness into the world.

If you love cooking you’ll appreciate the care and quality that goes into our meals, and if you loathe cooking you’ll love that you didn’t have to do a thing other than pop it in the oven (and then bask in the glory of clever outsourcing).

Your life should be as easy and delicious as possible, Let’s make this self-catered stay your best yet.

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Let us take 'what's for dinner?' off your holiday to-do list. Browse our menu, select and order directly from our website.

We cook it!

Our chefs lovingly prepare your meals with fresh, local ingredients and we deliver directly to your accommodation fridge.

Heat and Serve!

When you’re ready, simply heat, serve and enjoy (and bask in the glory of an amazing meal with no supermarket queues, no chopping, cooking or food waste)

The meals are always delicious, the price point is excellent and the whole process is effortless. We now feel like we can't live without Dinner is Served. We just love it!'

Lucy M

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