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The truth is, whether you love or loathe cooking; there’s something wonderful about someone cooking for you. Especially when that meal is carefully made with the best, fresh, local ingredients.

Families today are doing so much more, and we have much less time. This is why we need an outsourced team.

Our meals are incredibly delicious, made with fresh, local produce and simple to heat and serve. If you love cooking you’ll appreciate the care and quality that goes into our meals, and if you loathe cooking you’ll love that you didn’t have to do a thing other than pop it in the oven (and then bask in the glory of clever outsourcing).

Your life should be as easy and delicious as possible, Let’s make that happen.

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We make opening the fridge your happy place.

Hands up who’s eaten cereal for dinner because cooking was just too much after a long day? Yes, me too.

You already know that great food takes time and we want to give you that time doing what you love and still get to eat a beautiful meal, with none of the effort.

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Whether you're planning a family get-together, work nibbles or a party.

We've taken the hassle out of hosting with our gourmet heat-and-serve entertaining options. More information

The food was absolutely outstanding. So full of flavour and goodness! The whole family was raving about the meals, I loved how easy it was to prepare but most of all I loved that I didn't have to cook.

Barb P March 2021

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A gourmet meal delivery is the perfect gift for new parents, moving home and those other big life events where you want to show you care.

Choose a gift certificate value or gift pack and then we’ll take care of everything else.

Gift of food

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The meals are always delicious, the price point is excellent and the whole process is effortless. We now feel like we can't live without Dinner is Served. We just love it!'

Lucy M

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